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We work with HTC and OCULUS headsets. However, for your project, our team will suggest the appropriate equipment according to the power you need.

At Etherlab, we create custom virtual reality content according to your needs and budget. There is no limit to what our experts can create.

The costs can vary greatly and depend on the complexity of your project and your needs. To get an estimate, we need to outline a brief project specification. Contact us for an estimate!

While virtual reality immerses you in a 3D world, augmented reality is more of an addition to the physical, real world around you. Mixed reality is a mixture of both realities and integrates realistic 3D images into the real world, making them look real.

Virtual reality is used to describe a 3D environment generated by a computer. However, to speak of virtual reality, it is necessary that a human being can “immerse” himself in this environment to interact and/or move around. The person then becomes an integral part of this virtual world, or at least is able to manipulate objects or perform actions.


Etherlab is the leader in designing training and professional development through virtual reality.

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