The return on investment of the use of virtual reality is undoubtedly more interesting in the simulation of vehicles of unusual size whose cost is out of the ordinary.  Our approach and our skills are therefore the most appropriate in areas such as railways or mining.

Train VR

The advantages of virtual reality in the field of rail transport

Availability, profitability and autonomy

Training is available 24 hours a day for your employees. Set up your training area in a dedicated room and let your employees perform inspection scenarios at any time, at their own pace. Your teachers and consultants can be anywhere in the world, they see what the student sees. Also, increase profitability by reducing travel and the risk of accidents.

Creating multiple scenarios

Create as many inspection scenarios as there are in the field to add value to the course and training. Let employees walk their circuit and answer different questions to apply the theory.

Realism and flexibility

Inspection at night or in the fog with a flashlight, everything is possible. View as many cars as you want for inspection, no limits on movement or size.

With Transport Canada’s Safety Management System (SMS), staff training has become a priority, don’t wait any longer and contact us for more information.

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